I'm not a white teeth teen. I try to join but never did.

1995 x

Am I good enough?

People come and go easily
Why bother to stay if wind can take you swiftly
Promise me you’ll stay
But you had gone astray

Am I good enough?
For people whom I dedicated my life and sorrow
Exhaustion prevails my heart though
For the people I let my soul to borrow

I am young and free
To choose what I truly desire
But loving me till the end was not foresee
Letting their sting destruct my empire

Crimson eyes flooded the sea
Winds keep on reaching estuaries
Holes of pain dug by crustacea
Till the lights of paranoia will cease

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I want to be someone’s favorite person to talk to, someone’s favorite person to be with and someone’s favorite reason to smile.

@Ashton5SOS: Yes guys I miss my glasses too…Cause I literally can’t see anymore lol


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